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Tired of having to travel to meet your business accountant every other week? Find the process tedious with so many emails being sent and lost? You will never face such problems when working with our online accountants!

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Online Bookeeping

Virtual and Cloud-Based Accounting Technology

POP Business offers affordable and professional online accounting services Australia wide. You can find our head office located at Level 1, 285A Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010 (open in Google Maps). Find out more about the benefits of our cloud-based accounting services on this page.

Cloud-based accounting involves accounting services that are available online and remotely. 

Cloud accounting can help streamline your business by:

Online Accounting with POP

Having won the ‘Tech Innovator of the Year’ at the Accountants Daily’s 30 Under 30 awards in 2019, and being nominated as finalists for the Accountants Daily’s ‘Fast Growing Firm of the Year’ as well as ‘Business Advisory of the Year’ in 2020, at POP Business we have proven ourselves to be leaders in the virtual online accounting space.

Not only do we provide all of our accounting services online, we also have a wide variety of services to offer, including:

Company Tax return

Why POP Business?

Our team is passionate about helping people manage their finances in a tax-effective way and working with business owners to build their dream businesses. We’ve worked with thousands of people to start new businesses, establish trust funds, sort out the crypto taxes and more!

Our technology-driven and cloud-based solutions help streamline accounting, so you can access the support you need wherever, and whenever you need it. So get in touch today to speak to one of our friendly agents and benefit from:

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Online Accounting FAQS

Online and cloud accounting technology makes use of accounting software that is hosted remotely online or ‘on the cloud’. It is different to traditional forms of accounting involving paperwork or software that is stored on computer hard drives.

Due to being stored online, cloud accounting technology is constantly being updated to resolve real-time problems in record keeping. Accountants and businesses can also readily access their bookkeeping records by simply connecting to the cloud software through their devices.

Due to these functions, online and cloud accounting technology greatly improves efficiency and convenience for both accountants and businesses.

Here are some features of our cloud-based accounting services:

  • Access to your business financial data at any given time
  • Instant messaging and problem resolution services
  • Secure online storage for your business financial information
  • Accounting systems that are regularly updated with technology
  • Save on travel time.

At POP Business, we use a number of cloud accounting software to deliver our high quality online bookkeeping and accounting services. We manage your cash flow and expense organisation needs with MYOB and Xero accounting software.With MYOB and Xero we can also oversee your bills, arrange tax and expense claims and improve your connections with banks.

Online accounting software helps us to maintain consistent and frequent communication with you, so you’re always on top of your business finances. 

Our team uses only the most technologically advanced and easy-to-navigate cloud accounting software, so you never have to worry about outdated technological assistance.

All software processes are administered by our accountants, so the advantages of human touch are still present in our accounting services.

Cloud accounting technology provides a number of benefits to their users:

  • Improved accessibility. Businesses and accountants alike can access their cloud accounting information and records from any electronic device, as long as they are connected to the internet and possess the correct login details.
  • Added security. Records that are stored in cloud accounting technology and software are protected by multiple layers of security. Features such as two-step authentication and customisable privacy settings will help protect your business’ internet banking and financial information.

Business owners spend on average 20% of their time managing the business’ financial admin duties and tasks. A lot of the time, this does not add to the growth and value of the business. By outsourcing this function, you can allocate more time to grow and enhance your business. 

It is also better to review your financial data from a ‘helicopter view’. By being muddled in trying to get the data accurate and reliable, and ensure all the tasks are done on time, it’s then hard to switch into an analytic role to use the data to make the best strategic business decisions. 

That’s why using the services of an online accountant, by taking advantage of their suite of software and cloud-based technologies, can benefit your business.

No matter what type of accountant you are looking for, we have you covered. 

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