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Why does my business need to lodge a Business Activity Statement (BAS)?

If your GST-related business income exceeds or is likely to exceed $75,000, then you are required to report and lodge a quarterly BAS with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Your BAS will report your business revenue to the ATO for the quarter, and any Goods & Services Tax (GST) on both your sales and expenses. You will either have a GST refund (if GST-related expenses are more than GST-related sales), or a GST payable (if sales exceed GST-related expenses). Your BAS will also report any employee wages and PAYG withholding tax. The withholding tax will be added into the GST. By lodging your BAS through a registered tax agent such as POP Business, you will get an additional ONE MONTH to make payments which can be great for helping with your business cashflow.

Why use POP Business to lodge my BAS online?

We’re affordable
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POP Business can potentially lodge your BAS for as little as $200.

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Our award-winning accountants are experts when it comes to BAS lodging.

We’re friendly, professional and jargon-free

We’ll explain how the BAS lodgement process works in thorough but easy-to-understand language.

It’s simpler to lodge
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With our cutting-edge cloud accounting software, POP Business will get your BAS lodged quick-smart.

The future of small business is in the cloud

Head in the clouds? That’s okay. We’re right there with you.

POP Business is an award-winning, tech-driven company of cloud-based tax accountant specialists, whose smart software is being embraced by small businesses all over Australia.

Yes, we’re proudly ‘paperless’. But while we’re happy to reduce our carbon footprint, our number-one goal is to help our clients streamline their processes, minimise their tax, and take their businesses to the next level.

With POP Business, you can count on:

Why POP Business works
for so many small businesses

POP Business is so successful at delivering awesome results for small businesses because of a combination of four things:

1. Qualified Chartered Accountants

2. Cloud-based software and technology

3. Savvy and streamlined processes

4. Exceptional customer service

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By saving time and money, and preserving your peace of mind, you’ll be free to focus on the really important stuff. Namely, running your business successfully.

Let our BAS Agents help out right now with all your BAS requirements

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By lodging your BAS online with POP Business, you’ll speak with a real qualified accountant.

We’re based in Sydney, so all you have to do is book your over-the-phone tax consultation with one of our expert accountants today.

We can also tell you how our range of accounting services can help your business achieve its goals.

Find out how POP Business can save your business money with their expert BAS lodgement service...

When you use POP Business for your business, you can count on:

Peace of mind

It’s a good feeling to know there’s a crack team of specialist tax business accountants who have your back.

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Our award-winning team of accountants can answer any question you have and advise you of your best strategy.

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POP Business don’t muck around – if you contact us with a query, we get back to you pronto.

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What our customers
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Whatever your tax needs, our team of experienced POP Business Accountants have got you covered.

Perhaps your small business is behind on your annual tax obligations?

Maybe you’d like to know if there’s other smart ways you can minimise your tax?

Or, it could be you’re looking for expert advice on how to growth-hack your business.

Good news. POP Business are the pros at all three. Tax shouldn’t have to be so… well, taxing. Drop us a line and you’ll never look back.

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Business activity statement -
Frequently asked questions

The Business Activity Statement (BAS) is a form submitted to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) by registered business entities.

It’s how your business is required to report its all tax obligations – this can include GST, pay as you go withholding (PAYGW), pay as you go instalments (PAYGI), fringe benefits tax (FBT), wine equalisation tax (WET) and luxury car tax (LCT).

The easiest way to lodge your BAS is online with POP Business.

You will need reconciled bank accounts to report accurate figures, which we can also help you to prepare with our online bookkeeping service.

Your reporting and payment cycle will be one of the following:

  • Quarterly – if your GST turnover is less than $20 million (unless the ATO has told you that you must report monthly).
  • Monthly – if your GST turnover is $20 million or more.
  • Annually – if you are voluntarily registered for GST and your GST turnover is under $75,000 ($150,000 for not-for-profit bodies).

If you are in a GST-refundable position, best to lodge shortly after the reporting period to get the credits.

If you are in a GST-payable position, best to lodge on the due date and delay payment until then.

Preparing and lodging your BAS can be quite complicated.

Handing your BAS to one of our experienced accountants ensures you won’t miss out on any potential GST deductions, or miss the BAS lodgement deadline. 

Using POP Business also ensures your figures will be accurate and you won’t get any nasty surprises if the ATO decides to audit your statements.


POP always reviews every aspect of your business to ensure your tax position is optimised for YOU.

You are only required to lodge a BAS once your business has registered for the GST.

GST registration is required when your business’ gross income (excluding GST of 10%) is equal to $75,000 or more.

If you are a not-for-profit, the turnover requirement is $150,000.

Some industries are required to register for GST, including ride-share drivers (Uber, Ola, taxi-drivers, etc).

Very easy. You can get started by simply filling out the enquiry form on this page.

You can also email one of our POP Business Accountants at team@pop-business.com.au

Usually, POP Business can turn around your BAS lodgement within 10 business days. 

We tend to mainly communicate through email and phone. 

Then, once you provide one of our expert accountants with the user access to your online accounting software, we can get the required business data for your BAS lodgement.

Yes. You can find POP Business’s office smack-bang in the heart of Surry Hills, in Sydney. Suite 3, 2/2/12 Foveaux St, Surry Hills NSW 2010 (open in Google Maps).

Because our passion is helping people build their dream business.

Perhaps your small business is behind on your annual tax obligations?

Maybe you’d like know if there’s other smart ways you can minimise your tax?

Or, it could be you’re looking for expert advice on how to growth-hack your business.

Good news. POP Business are the pros at all three.

Tax shouldn’t have to be so… well, taxing. Drop us a line and you’ll never look back.

Let the small business experts get your tax and accounting on the fast track to success. The team are ready to clarify and advise on your next steps to get peace of mind on your business.