Our passion is helping people build their dream business.
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POP Business are the small business tax accountancy experts.
Who says business tax has to be so, well… taxing? POP Business have made it our mission is to help thousands of small business owners just like you to spend less time on all the soul-sapping stuff like bookkeeping, payroll and tax, and more time on building your business.

We are the trusted, modern-day tax accountants you’re looking for. So, take a load off and let us handle all the finicky, tricksy tax stuff. 

Business tax is what POP Business are experts at, after all.

And believe it or not, we LOVE what we do because it helps you do what YOU love.


The ideals that underpin everything that POP Business does

Be diligent, be reliable, be expert

Ensure our clients are always tax compliant, whilst simultaneously offering them savvy advice on how to minimise their tax and achieve their business goals.

Equip, educate and empower our clients

By arming small businesses with the right tax know-how and streamlined processes, we help them to make smarter business decisions that lead to growth and success.

Be engaged, be available, be invested

Whenever explaining tax or accounting information to our clients, communicate simply and effectively. Importantly, always listen. Be on-call. Stay attuned to the things that matters most to the small businesses we work with. Remember: their success is our goal.

Why switch to POP Business?

Because we’re the new breed of accountants that you want working for your business.

If you’re a small business owner, then you probably already know that speaking with your accountant maybe once a year to process your company tax return and financials is a thing of the distant past.

These days, with the advent of automation, slick new accounting software and live financial reporting, it means that clever, creatively minded accountants are now uniquely equipped to offer small businesses like yours high-value strategic advice.

And with the accounting industry so ripe for disruption, it’s POP Business who are stepping in…

By embracing automation, enhanced business processes, and cutting-edge software and cloud technology, POP Business are giving tax accountancy the kick in the pants it so sorely needed. Better yet, our accounting services and savvy business advice has already been proven to deliver real results and significantly improve our clients’ businesses.

It’s why we’re winning awards for what we do. 

So, click here to check out POP Business and our cutting-edge Chartered Accounting services at competitive fixed-fee prices.


Meet the industry-leading team of Chartered Accountants and business experts behind POP Business.

Patrick Sargent

Patrick Sargent

CEO & Co-Founder

"My day to day is creating and leading high-performing teams, optimising business reporting and processes, leading the strategic direction of POP and working within a growing and exciting organisation. I get great purpose and fulfillment by enriching and enhancing the lives of our clients through proactive, high-quality and customer centric services."


Sidney Cachuela

COO & Co-Founder

"My passion lies in solving problems. From basic puzzles to high level complex business issues. I'm obsessed with creating and implementing systems and processes that help drive businesses to succeed. POP Business is the perfect outlet to bring my passion and my obsession together to deliver exceptional results for our clients."


Mojtaba Jafari

CIO & Co-Founder

"As a solution-focused strategy consultant with 15 years’ experience in the IT leadership, enterprise strategy delivery, program management, digital transformation, and software development space, I have led the delivery of strategically aligned solutions capable of solving customer problems in disruptive digital environments."

Sophia Tong

Account Manager
"As a Chartered Accountant with over 15 years of experience, I've had a mixed bag of experience from working with small businesses to working with listed entities to even trying out a gig in an accounting software company. What I love about POP Business is that it enables me to utilise all my skills and further develop my passion for assisting owners with understanding the tax and accounting numbers to help them grow their businesses."

Andrew Choueri

Marketing Manager
"I'm a driven and agile Marketing professional with over 8 years' experience in B2B, B2C and B2B2C marketing across a range of industries. I love working on projects that bring stakeholders and clients together to brainstorm, plan and deliver transformation and go-to-market strategies. Now at POP Business, I'm working with an excellent team of like-minded people who are passionate and driven about taking POP Business to the next level."

Lou Lemaistre

Special Ops Leader
"I’m the swiss army knife of startups. My experience at The Family, a long-term strategic associate in +200 startups in Europe has helped me gain a deep understanding of various areas of business, including sales, marketing, growth hacking and systems and processes.”

Lukasz Sawczyn

Senior Accountant
"I am Chartered Accountant with 6 year experience of working from small local businesses to multi-national SGE investment vehicles. During my career I helped my clients overcome many tax and accounting challenges. Now in POP Business I want to continue providing help to our clients so they can grow and prosper!"

James Pham

Senior Accountant
"In my 6 years as a Chartered Accountant, I've realized my passion for helping small businesses succeed. As the Senior Accountant leading the PB Partner service, I revel in the opportunity to provide my clients with valuable tax and business advice. Whether it be for any business ideas or problems, I am there as a sounding board to offer advice and solutions."

Guo-Shiong Ang

Senior Accountant
"In the operations division, I challenge myself every day to promote greater efficiency and innovation because there is never one single approach that works for everything. I am constantly learning about various aspects of business and applying these skills in the business world is what brings me satisfaction. I love solving problems and working with the friendly team here at POP Business, allowing me to help small businesses achieve the results they need to grow."

Charlotte Chen

“One of the greatest things I enjoy working with POP Business is the dedication, diligence and passion that the whole team has in delivering amazing results for our clients. I gain satisfaction everyday because it’s clear that we are genuinely assisting small businesses to succeed and gain greater clarity and understanding of their opportunities and challenges.”

Isabella Giorgianni

"During my career at POP Business, I have spoken to hundreds of business owners in need of guidance. Simply helping other small businesses get on their feet is one of the most rewarding aspects of my career. With a background in accounting and sales experience at POP Business, I am able to give our clients peace of mind, fostering their confidence in taking the next steps to growing a successful business"

Tilly Chen

"I’m an accounting and compliance specialist for small businesses. Joining POP Business has allowed me to increase my knowledge in Australian taxation so that I can better assist clients with their tax and accounting requirements. I enjoy helping our clients make most of their opportunities whilst helping them avoid common business pitfalls"

Myles Wright

Sales Lead
"As a sales professional, I have had over 6 years’ experience working in business & technology where I have dealt with businesses of all scales - i.e. Start-ups all the way through to global leading organisations. I am skilled in customer relationship management, account management, consultative sales, customer Retention, coaching and management."

Roberto Almeida

Sales Representative
"Working in sales for nearly 15 years, a majority of them for well-known brands such as Apple and Samsung, I have built a great knowledge base of sales techniques, customer management as well as leadership skills. My passion always lies within people, knowing more about them, helping them reach their goals and succeeding alongside them."
Alex Scott - Marketing Coordinator

Alex Scott

Marketing Coordinator
"I’m a Marketing and Psychology graduate with a passion for technology, digital marketing and delivering amazing customer experiences. What I love about POP is how client focused we are; it’s great to work alongside people whose first priority is to help their clients grow their businesses."

Juan Higuera

Designer & Web Technician
"As one of the earliest team members at POP Business, I have been integral in crafting a modern and refreshing brand that excites and engages everyone. Using my diverse skills in digital marketing, advertising and design, we have built a market leading company that will take Australia by storm and truly revolutionise the accounting and tax industry.”

Usama Kamran

"I’m a software engineer who challenges his comfort zones and looks forward to taking up challenges. I am passionate about bridging gaps in communication, extracting valuable insights from data and enabling smooth flow of information and that is precisely what I do here at POP Business!"
Ayush Upadhyaya

Ayush Upadhyaya

Junior Special Ops
Why choose POP Business?

Because our passion is helping people build their dream business.

Perhaps your small business is behind on your annual tax obligations?

Maybe you’d like know if there’s other smart ways you can minimise your tax?

Or, it could be you’re looking for expert advice on how to growth-hack your business.

Good news. POP Business are the pros at all three.

Tax shouldn’t have to be so… well, taxing. Drop us a line and you’ll never look back.

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