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Lodge your Company Tax Returns Online

Get assistance in lodging your Company Tax Returns quick and easy online.

Our team is ready to help you prepare, lodge and get up to date with all your tax obligations.

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What our Customers
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Lodging Your Company Tax Return Online

It is an Australian Taxation Office (ATO). requirement to lodge a business tax return for every financial year that you trade as a business.

Get expert advice to minimise your tax and ensure your business situation is clearly understood and manageable to continue growing.

Get your business tax return prepared and lodged with the ATO within 10 business days by working with our team. 

If your tax return is already overdue, we can apply an urgency fee and get it done as quick as 1 business day.

If you have any company tax returns overdue or need help in preparing for an upcoming tax return, get in touch with the team for a quote today.


Company Tax returns start from the low price of $500 + gst per return.

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The team are experts in tax minimisation and company tax returns.

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Receive communication on complex matters in simple and effective language.

Lodge Online

Lodge your returns in a fast and efficient manner whilst enjoying the benefits of cloud accounting.

Company Tax Return Pricing
Save time and money by lodging your Company Tax Return with POP Business.



Personal Tax Return starting from $150

Revenue <50k


For companies, partnerships & trusts generating less than $50,000 per financial year

Revenue 50k-300k


For companies, partnerships & trusts generating between $50,000 to $300,000 per financial year

Revenue >300k


For companies, partnerships & trusts generating more than $300,000 per financial year

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Perhaps your small business is behind on your annual tax obligations?

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Good news. POP Business are the pros at all three. Tax shouldn’t have to be so… well, taxing. Drop us a line and you’ll never look back.

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Frequently asked questions

A company is required an annual basis to report the company’s financial position and business activities for the financial year to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

The company reports its annual income, expenses, balance sheet items and tax offsets and credits. 

The company tax return will report the company’s taxable income and the company’s tax payable or refundable position. 

The company income is separate from your personal income and profit may be taxed within the company.

You will need the your accounts reconciled and financial statements prepared to report the company’s financial position.

POP can attend to the preparation and lodgement of the company tax return with a fast turnaround time of 5-10 business days.

If the business is classed as a small business, the company tax rate is a flat rate of 27.5%.

A small business is defined as having;

  • Revenue <$25m; and
  • >80% of revenue is derived through business trading activities
Companies that don’t meet the above criteria will be taxed at a flat rate of 30%.

If the business is a small business, the company tax rate is a flat rate of 27.5%.

The tax is reported against the net profit (income less expenses). Tax credits and offsets will also affect the tax position.

If the net profit is $100,000, the company tax would be $27,500.

There are plenty of simple and legitimate ways you can cut down on your small business tax bill while meeting your tax obligations. 

Some may be;

  • Claim asset depreciation
  • Claim instant asset write-off, up to 30k per asset
  • Make concessional superannuation contributions
  • Keep a business vehicle logbook
  • Defer income and bring forward expenses
  • Claim deductions for expenses not paid by EOFY 
  • Write-off bad debts
  • Pay tax-effective wages and dividends

Company tax returns start at a low $500. 

Pricing will increase based on the size and complexity of your business. Our pricing is all competitive and have been priced to be an affordable option for small businesses. 

The turnaround time will usually be within 10 business days. 

We communicate through email and phone mostly. 

You can provide user access to your online accounting software so we can get the required business transactions for the tax lodgement.

We are located in Chippendale, Sydney.

All our professional accountants are located within Australia and your work is not outsourced overseas. We ensure a high quality is maintained throughout the process.

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