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POP Business accounting for startups will help you build your dream business anywhere, anytime.

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Startup Business Accountant

At POP Business, our friendly and experienced team are experts at providing accounting for startups and small businesses. Our award-winning startup accountants will help you build your dream business anywhere, anytime.

To help startups like yours lift-off and grow your dream business, POP Business offers a range of tailored and affordable cloud-based startup accounting services. We can help you with:

About Us - From Startup Accountants to Innovation Leaders

A trio of ambitious professionals turned disruptive fintech entrepreneurs had noticed that the accounting industry wasn’t evolving with the times or with the needs of startups and entrepreneurs through any form of innovation.

Having significant knowledge and insights in the world of accounting, engineering and innovation, they banded together and made it their mission to re-shape the accounting world to engage and excite business owners and startups with better, faster and technology driven accounting services.

As Accountant Daily’s 30 under 30 ‘Tech Innovator of the Year’ in 2019, finalists for ‘Fast Growing Firm of the Year’ and ‘Business Advisory of the Year’ in 2020, our team at POP Business are proud to be leading the online accounting industry.

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Australian businesses that love our services include:

What Our Customers Say

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"The team at POP Business have been amazing for Sprintlaw. We have received high-impact and high-quality strategic counsel and tax accounting service from them. They represent truly modern-day accountancy at its finest."

"POP Business was the perfect accounting partner for Quicka when it came to finding an accounting firm. As a new and growing business, they took the time to really understand our business model. Highly recommend them for new and growing businesses."
"Professional, knowledgeable and friendly accountants, who take the stress out of finances and tax. I highly recommend using POP Business for a seamless experience."

"I found POP Business to be extremely helpful providing technical tax advice. They went above and beyond in every situation to ensure I had a smooth experience. I cannot recommend them more."

"As a small business owner I'm constantly managing my cash flow and looking to find value in any service I take up. I found POP Business online and found their pricing to be affordable with great service. Very happy with the team at POP."

Using POP Business has been incredible for my own business. Their team has been so helpful and understanding. I couldn’t recommend them more as an accounting partner for any new and growing business."

Whatever your tax needs, our team of experienced POP Business Accountants have got you covered.

Perhaps your small business is behind on your annual tax obligations?

Maybe you’d like to know if there’s other smart ways you can minimise your tax?

Or, it could be you’re looking for expert advice on how to growth-hack your business.

Good news. POP Business are the pros at all three. Tax shouldn’t have to be so… well, taxing. Drop us a line and you’ll never look back.

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Startup Accountant FAQs

Yes, startup businesses will benefit from the services of a specialist startup accountant.

Startup accountants may help you overcome the many challenges that come with starting up a new business or organisation. These challenges include:

  • Creating a scalable and flexible financial business model
  • Setting the right financial goals and expectations
  • Finding the right funding option for your business
  • Managing your spending relative to your profit margins
  • Keeping your tax obligations in check.

Accounting is important for startups in a number of ways. Accountants play an integral role in your startup’s financial planning by helping your business overcome challenges from day one.

Take a look at the different ways accountants can help your startup below:

  • Creating a realistic and adaptable financial business model for you depending on your startup’s financial projections and profitability
  • Working with you to determine how you can meet your financial goals
  • Advising you on your funding options (weighing up the pros and cons of self-funding, working with investors, or taking out a bank loan)
  • Creating a guide to manage your finances – especially to regulate your spendings
  • Taking care of all your tax obligations.

Accountants can provide startups with a wide range of different services depending on your business’ needs.

At POP Business, our startup accounting services can help you by:

  • Lodging all types of tax returns (such as company tax returns, trust tax returns and partnership tax returns)
  • Lodging financial statements (such as BAS)
  • Providing detailed and easy-to-understand financial planning advice (including forecasting, budgeting, meeting your financial goals)
  • Recording and bookkeeping your financial information for future tax purposes
  • Advising you on funding and your relationships with investors
  • Providing great customer support and answering any questions you may have regarding your business’ finances.

Startups accountants like Pop Business use modern and cutting edge accounting softwares such as Xero.

When providing these services, our team at POP Business makes sure to use the best accounting software for startups.

Because every business is different, we’ve put together a list of seven top applications and the types of organisations they’re likely to suit. Read our top seven ecommerce accounting software picks here, or check out our guide on Xero accounting software here.

Accountant fees for small business startups vary depending on the type of service you are after.

At POP Business, we offer a wide range of affordable and accessible accounting services tailored to your business needs. Click here for more information on our pricing.

Accounting Firm for Startups

Are you a startup business looking for affordable and accessible accounting services? Look no further than POP Business! Get started with us by calling us or filling out our contact form below.

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