12 Ecommerce trends you need to know

12 ecommerce trends you need to know

2020 was a big year for online businesses.  After a year of unprecedented sales growth, online businesses are now trying to capitalise on current ecommerce trends and make pandemic online shopping habits stick.

While ABS data reveals a third of us prefer to do more of our shopping online than before the start of the pandemic, innovative ecommerce companies know they can do more to convert one-time online shoppers into regulars.

To find out how the latest ecommerce innovations are driving retail market developments, and anticipate headwinds as well as ecommerce opportunities, take a look at our list of top 2021 ecommerce trends.

1. Retail giants up their game

One of the first major ecommerce trends has happened is the shift from physical retail to ecommerce.  The competition for online sales by retail and ecommerce stores is intensifying.  Brands that traditionally focused on in-store shopping – like IKEA, Bunnings and K-mart – have started to merge digital and offline shopping during lockdowns by providing services like “click and collect” and “drive and collect”.

Despite the reopening of physical stores, retail giants have deep pockets and will likely continue their efforts to stay relevant, improve their customer experience and grow their ecommerce presence.

2. People are buying from abroad

As if the online retail market isn’t crowded enough, an ever-growing ecommerce trend is competition coming from businesses abroad. According to