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Building and running a business can be expensive. Get the tips and insight you need to help you secure additional finance for your business, so you can have that extra cash you need to help make things happen.

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The steps to financing your business

This guide is intended as general information only. Always check with a business advisor, legal or accounting professional before making a financing decision.

1. What is business finance?

Your new business idea is ready to go. Or perhaps you’re ready to
grow your current business. If you don’t have the deep pockets to finance it yourself, you’ll need to find the right small business funding. But where, exactly, do you start?

2. How much funding do you need?

Knowing how much money you need, and for how long, will help
you choose the right type of finance to go for. We’ve included tips for starting, buying, running and growing new businesses.

3. Debt vs Equity Finance

Most forms of funding fall into one of two camps. You can get a loan or sell a share of your business to investors. We discuss the main pros and cons of debt versus equity and help you understand how they can benefit or hinder your business.

4. Finance Types

It takes money to make money.
So what sort of finance options are out there and what do they all mean?

5. How to get a business loan

Getting a business loan is still one of the most common ways to
finance a business. Learn about term loans, lines of credit, applying for loans and different types of lenders.

6. How to find investors

Instead of going into debt, you could sell a part of your business to raise cash. This is called equity financing. We discuss the different types of investors, what they’ll want from your business, and where to find the right ones for your business.

7. Small business grants

Grants are a great funding option for some small businesses. They
can be a lot of work to apply for but if you get free money at the end, putting the time in could be worth it. 

8. Pitching for business funding

Seeking business funding is a major step but you needn’t be
daunted. There are four key points you should demonstrate in your pitch to help lenders and investors understand your business and decide whether to take the risk with you.

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