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Your employees are your most valuable asset, and ensuring they are paid correctly and on time is crucial as a business owner, you will decide on the frequency of payroll, whether it be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, single touch payroll ATO.

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Single touch payroll

Single touch payroll ATO will be compulsory from 1 July 2019 for all employers. POP ensures you are compliant by reporting your payroll through Xero upon lodgement.

Withholding tax on wages also known as PAYGW is paid to the ATO on a monthly basis.

Superannuation is paid to your employees superannuation funds on a quarterly basis.

POP handles payroll with ease, providing a seamless experience. POP focuses on providing the following services;

How It Works

POP has developed the fastest, simplest and easiest way to do payroll. Stop spending hours and let the POP Team’s efficient processes take over.

Our clients, who we manage payroll for perform better than those that we don’t, as they allocate their time more effectively on higher-value tasks.

Stop spending hours on payroll and delegate this to the POP Team at an affordable price that is complete value for money single touch payroll ATO.

Payroll prepared for certain period (ie weekly, fortnightly, monthly)

Leave accrued correctly
and reported once used

Payslips emailed direct
to employees for each period

Lodgement of monthly wages
report to ATO (STP compliant)

Lodgement of quarterly
Superannuation to ATO

Annual payment summary
declaration lodged to the ATO

POP has affordable packages for single touch payroll ATO to ensure your payroll is correctly prepared and
reported. The process for payroll is as follows;

Employees enter their leave

Employer approves leave

POP prepares wages for the period

POP sends wages report to employer for review

Once ok’d, POP reports the wages in
accounting software and emails payslips
to employees

POP lodges monthly wages IAS
with ATO and provides email to employer or CFO
with payment details

POP lodges quarterly super with clearing house and emails summary to owner or CFO with payment details

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What our Customers
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