Nominee Resident Director Services

If you are looking forward to establishing a subsidiary company or other business presence in Australia, an Australian Resident Nominee Director allows this to happen. POP provides this service at an affordable price with quality outcomes.

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Why you need a nominee director

The basic function of the Nominee Director sydney is to shield requirement from the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) that at least one local resident director is required for all private companies in Australia. 

If you are looking forward to establishing a subsidiary or other business presence in Australia, a nominee director is a perfect legal device to meet the public disclosure requirements and protect the privacy of an individual.

How Does POP Perform Resident Director Service?

Information and Engagement

POP's Team obtain relevant information to ensure your company complies with Australian regulation.

Establishment of Company

POP registers the company with ASIC and ATO. Engagement executed.

Ongoing support

POP provides ongoing support for annual accounting compliance and Director services.

Benefits of using POP for Resident Director Services?

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The average cost for this service is $8,000 plus gst. POP provides this for a fraction of the cost at $4,500 plus gst.

Peace of Mind

The team are Chartered Accountants and ensure your company is compliant with ASIC and the ATO.

Fast and Efficient

Having completed a number of these transactions, POP has developed processes that make the process fast and simple.


POP operates predominantly online so you can get service anywhere, anytime.

Business Understanding

The team bring a wealth of business knowledge of the Australian market which you could leverage for your company.

Win at Business

Be in the drivers seat with a successful business.

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