What is a nominee director in Australia?


Nominee Director/Australian Resident Director Services

The most common reason you require a Nominee Director otherwise known as an Australian Resident Director is to meet the Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC) requirements of “having a Director that ordinarily resides in Australia” to create an Australian Company, also known as an Australian Corporation, Pty ltd.

If you are considering expanding into the Australian market either by creating a new Australian entity as a standalone company or as a subsidiary or purchasing an existing Australian company, you will require this service.

POP Business provides Nominee Director/Australian Resident Nominee services to assist you enter the Australian business market.

Other reasons an individual may engage with a Nominee Director is for privacy reasons. The individual may elect a Nominee Director to shield the client’s personal details from public record.

Nominee director

What you can expect:

  • Experienced members to meet corporate governance requirements
  • Effective corporate management
  • Packaged service with Accounting/Tax solutions

Advantages of Nominee Director Services with POP Business

  1. Cost-effective – when starting or expanding your business into Australia, saving on costs is always important. POP Business provides market-rate prices to ensure you receive your desired result and value for money.
  2. Keep on top of regulatory requirements – Australia has its own nuanced regulatory system and will require your Australian company to liaise with ASIC and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). POP Business will maintain communications with these regulatory bodies to ensure you are aware of company actions.
  3. Professional & proactive – work with POP Business Directors to ensure you are across your new venture and have the communication required to make effective business decisions.

Due Diligence by POP Business

Before accepting any engagement, POP business will require a level of understanding of your existing and proposed business ventures. Information that will be requested:

  • Company overview
  • Business Plan (formal/informal)
  • Information on financial standing
  • Information on Appointed Australian accountant (POP Business can provide this service)
  • Other proposed Directors
  • Proposed shareholders and shareholding structure

Nominee director


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Sidney Cachuela

Sidney Cachuela

Sidney Cachuela is a Business Mentor and Associate Financial Advisor who genuinely revels in solving the sorts of wicked problems facing business. His experience includes working with high profile wealth managers and financial advisers, including managing $100m of client FUM across 200 clients. In 2018 he co-founder POP Business, a cloud-based accounting firm. Sidney is a complete technophile, and believes that innovation and new tech are the way forward. POP Business is his labour of love. He has expertise in helping small businesses with a range of accounting services, including: financial advice, accounting and bookkeeping, GST tax planning, as well as company, trust and partnership tax returns and more.

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